Hike Up Goldmine Trail and Denture

Dentures can be a great way to change your smile when your existing teeth are no longer suited to reconstruction with traditional crowns and bridges. The ill-fitting dentures of old have been replaced with high tech natural looking dentures that fit great and look truly beautiful.

If you believe your teeth are beyond saving and are thinking of transitioning to dentures, then an Immediate Denture is what we will be doing first. The new denture is fabricated and inserted on the same day your teeth are removed. The bone in your jaw will change at a quick rate for the first year and the Immediate Denture will get loose during that time. At the end of a year either a new denture or a reline of the Immediate Denture is needed to get a great, long lasting fit.

If you currently have dentures that are stained, worn and/or ill fitting, then a new set of custom made dentures should be fabricated. We have economy, mid-range and high end esthetic “Face Lift” dentures available for your particular situation. You should consider adding implants to support your dentures to allow a more natural fit and function.

The best option for replacing all your teeth is Implant Retained Dentures. These are fixed to implants with the look, feel and function of real teeth. Today’s technology allows us to place the fixed denture on the same day you get your teeth removed and the implants placed, truly a “teeth in a day” feeling.

Call us and schedule a consultation so we can go over your options and get you look and feeling younger and healthier.

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