Fixing a Chipped Front Tooth

I play hockey and coach hockey and I have seen my fair share of injuries to front teeth. From large parts of teeth missing to small chips, damage to the front teeth can affect us in many ways. The front teeth are the most important teeth for cosmetics and any damage to them can prevent us from smiling, eating and enjoying our life.

Here is a case recently of a chipped front tooth. She was worried that if we fixed it the new filling would be visible in her smile.


The small chip on her front tooth is noticeable in her smile. It did not hurt but it was sharp and made her self-conscious, not wanting to smile.


The tooth was repaired using white colored filling material in the office. The procedure took about 30 minutes and she did not even have to get numb. By using different shades and opacities of filling material Dr. Saydyk was able to make the repair match her existing tooth exactly.

If you have a chipped front tooth or are curious on how you can improve your smile, schedule an appointment to meet with Dr. Saydyk.

Dr. Nathan Saydyk

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