Cone Beam-What? Translation: Better Dental Experiences

Dr. Saydyk, your trusted Gilbert dentist, is passionate about finding ways to improve the patient experience and achieve lasting results when it comes to the health and appearance of your smile. This requires continuous learning and investing in the types of technologies that will stand the test of time – because keeping up with trends can be exciting, but optimal oral wellness and the overall health it contributes to will always be in style.

So, without further ado, we’d love to introduce you to Stoneridge Dental’s newest arrival – the Cone Beam Computed Tomography Scan, Cone Beam CT for short (and CBCT for shortest). What the heck is the CBCT? Oh, just a piece of equipment that has revolutionized dental treatment!


Does this Machine Possess Magical Powers?

While CBCT scans do provide superb detail to a point that could make it seem we have the gift of prescience, a great deal of thanks is owed to scientific progress. We think our patients will appreciate the many benefits of CBCT scans. Wondering what those benefits are? Dr. Saydyk is glad you asked!

  • Cone beam CT scans are non-invasive, painless, and eliminate the need for messy impressions
  • In about 15 seconds, Dr. Saydyk will obtain a panoramic view of your head, neck, and jaw
  • Reduced radiation exposure
  • Higher resolution 3-D images than traditional x-rays allow for precise treatment planning

The speed and ease scanned images are obtained might lead you to believe we’re not getting a full picture, but Dr. Saydyk will be able to show you everything he sees with great clarity.

Do I Need a Cone Beam Scan?

If Dr. Saydyk were only interested in what he could see with traditional x-rays and his own eyesight, the answer would be no. However, when we can’t see what Cone Beam CT scans can, diagnostics may be delayed. In some cases, this means not catching something until it’s visible to the naked eye, which may also mean you’re experiencing symptoms that worry you. Even traditional x-rays might not show us tumors in the bone that can be seen on cone beam CT scans.

What else do CBCT scans help with?

  • Treatment planning – implant placementtooth extractions, reconstructive and even cosmetic procedures can be precisely planned with the 3-D, panoramic images CBCT scans provide.
  • Differentiation between types of tissue – bone, nerves, soft tissue, and teeth are seen more clearly in CBCT scans.
  • TMJ diagnosis – we can more accurately determine the severity of temporomandibular joint disorders.
  • Jaw, sinus, nerve canal, and nasal cavity evaluation – these evaluations can help us diagnose obstructive sleep apnea and customize an oral appliance that gets you back to sleeping restfully.
  • Locating pain at its source – we can eliminate the guesswork of what’s causing you tooth, mouth, and/or jaw pain, then get to work solving the problem.

Elevating Standards & Improving Experiences

When we discuss the advantages of CBCT scanning, the fact that oral health extends beyond the mouth is much easier to see instead of remaining an abstract concept – and the visual proof helps drive this point home, too! At Stoneridge Dental, we believe in treating people, not just their teeth. We take great pride in making the dentist’s office a warm, comfortable place to be, and find fulfillment in increasing your oral wellness and smile confidence. The implementation of CBCT scans help us accomplish these goals, and we’d love to help you accomplish yours – contact us today to schedule an appointment!

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