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Cerec : Ceramic Reconstruction
Dr. Nathan Saydyk, DDS - In Gilbert, AZ

Thanks to CEREC, Dr. Saydyk is proud to offer patients revolutionary restorations in a single appointment. Dr. Saydyk’s fully updated CEREC machine allows him to design and construct quality, metal-free restorations (such as inlays, onlays, crowns, and bridges) on-site, without relying on labs or physical impressions. Featuring advanced 3D imaging technology and a built-in milling unit, CEREC machines have changed the game for patients with cavities and fractures, or those who are looking to replace old metal fillings with biocompatible, metal-free ceramics.

Common Questions about CEREC

What is a CEREC machine?

CEREC machines are the leading technology for designing and constructing high quality, metal-free dental restorations. CEREC stands for Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics, which can include onlays, inlays, crowns, or bridges. Using advanced 3D imaging, and CAD/CAM technology, the CEREC machine allows Dr. Saydyk to design your restoration without having to rely on a lab, or take a physical impression. After designing and refining the restoration, the CEREC machine will actually manufacture your restoration on-site and during your appointment, using a built-in milling unit.

How long does a CEREC machine restoration take?

While the length of time is determined by the quantity and type of the restorations needed, the CEREC machine can produce high quality restorations in just one dental appointment. As an example, the typical appointment length for a crown restoration is two hours, from start to finish.

What are the benefits of the CEREC machine?

There are many benefits to the CEREC machine, all of which are passed on directly to the patient. The CEREC machine allows Dr. Saydyk to design and manufacture high quality, metal-free restorations in only a few hours. This removes costly lab fees, and in most cases reduces the number of necessary appointments with your dentist down to one. CEREC restorations are strong, biocompatible, and they blend in well with natural teeth.

How does the CEREC machine work?

The CEREC machine uses 3D imaging technology and an advanced milling unit to design and manufacture restorations in one sitting. Whatever your dental condition, the machine will photograph the area and turn those images into a digital model. Proprietary softwares can then determine the shape of the necessary restoration using biogeneric comparisons to neighboring teeth. Dr. Saydyk will then refine that 3D model using CAD/CAM technology. The completed model acts as a guide for the CEREC machine’s milling unit, which will carve your restoration from a block of ceramic, rendering a high quality restoration perfectly matched to your mouth. Dr. Saydyk will then bond that restoration to the problem area using a special resin.

Are CEREC restorations right for me?

The best way to know if you can benefit from Dr. Saydyk’s CEREC machine is to make an appointment with Dr. Saydyk today. If you have a cavity or a fracture that requires a ceramic restoration, such as a new crown, inlay, onlay, or bridge, you might be a perfect candidate for a quick and easy appointment with the CEREC machine. CEREC restorations are also great for replacing old metal restorations with biocompatible restorations, which blend in with natural teeth and adjust more easily to the movement of your jaw and other teeth. Almost any large restoration can be done with the CEREC machine, and Dr. Saydyk will talk you through the process (its advantages and any financial liability you might incur), as well as your other options. Whatever your condition might be, you and Dr. Saydyk will work together to determine the best course of treatment.

Are CEREC restorations more expensive than traditional restorations?

The CEREC machine can reduce your number of dental appointments to one, and it removes the costly fees associated with having your restoration built in an off-site lab. Therefore, patients find their CEREC restorations vary a minimal amount from traditional restorations, if at all. As a part of your consultation, Dr. Saydyk will talk you through all the available options for treatment, and will help you understand any financial liability before you make your decision.

How can I get started?

Make an appointment with Dr. Saydyk today. At your appointment, he’ll review your case, offer consultation on the available options, and help you decide if quick, easy, and reliable CEREC restorations are right for you.

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